United Methodist Church Anna
Tuesday, October 20, 2020
Open hearts. Open minds. Open doors.







Why join the Anna United Methodist Church? In the original Greek, the term that we translate as church is Ecclesia. An Ecclesia is the church; a living breathing, collection of people who believe in Jesus Christ and place their trust in him. Somehow, over time, we have adapted the word “church” to mean something it is not. It is not a building. It is not a service that we go to once or twice a week. It is an assembly of people believing and serving our God. Yes, you can attend services, volunteer at the dinners or volunteer at a variety of activities. But even in doing so, you can’t help steer the direction our Ecclesia goes without making that commitment to the church and to the other members. A commitment that says I am here for the long haul. We can count on each other—to strengthen our ministries, to help each other in good times and in bad times, to celebrate and mourn together; and to shine the light of Christ into this world of darkness.






On Pentecost Sunday we celebrated those who have made such a commitment. But, it is not just signing up for membership. It is becoming in faith, discipleship, and trust that God is doing a new thing. I applaud all active members of the Ecclesia who seek to make a difference. Is God calling you to become a part of the living, breathing, active community of faith?   If so, please let the pastor know or contact the church at 833-2234. We would love to welcome you into our Ecclesia.






Adult Confirmation Class



I have received a few requests to conduct an adult confirmation class. Some folks have asked for a refresher class. Let the church office know your interest. We will set a day and time best suited for the class members. 

Confirmation Class Is Here!




“Confirmation is an important time in a person's life – in many of our Protestant heritages, it is the moment when we confirm for ourselves the promise made at our baptism, to grow and live as a disciple of Jesus Christ. Our Confirmation Class takes seriously this commitment to choosing to follow Christ, and will delve into the Bible, Christian history, basics of Christian faith, our United Methodist heritage, and what it means to commit to being a member of Christ's Church.”





Confirmation Class 2017

 Emily Belcher, Angel Wiseman, Callysta Borders,
Jessi Riley, Christian Goins, Leah Goins with Rev. Carl Johnston
Photo by Martha Ann Webb
Sunday School Classes at Anna UMC





Lynn Steveson’s Sunday School Class at the United Methodist Church is studying the Bible chapter James. Before Sunday School they had a Valentine Party and a party in honor of Barbara House’s 71st birthday that was Fri. Feb. 17, 2017.





Photo by Darryl Parks

New Members!


Pictures by Martha Ann Webb  





Rev. Carl Johnston received new members on Sunday,





October 30th during the worship service.





Debbie Johntson, Wayne Skoglund, Rev. Johnston, Jean Lamszus, & Millie Sloan.





Debbie, Wayne and Jean joined the church as new members.



The United Methodist Church would like to welcome these new members. 



During two Sunday services in May we celebrated as our church family grew!




Rev. Long, Debbie Janowski, and Paxton, Amanda, Hayden, Eric & Ava Boreup.


Nedum  & Caitlin Bowen 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Paul  Sloan                                                                            




Please help us welcome our new members!




 Renewal of Baptismal Vows




On Sunday, September 11th, Paul Sloan renewed his baptismal vows,




supported by friends and family.